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Unicare Røros is a specialised rehabilitation centre and we have a zero tolerance policy to consuming alcoholic beverages whilst at the centre.  This also applies to using any other illegal substances. You are as a guest free to enjoy visiting the restaurants, pubs and hotels nearby, all of which have the permission to serve alcohol, but this is outside of the premises of Unicare Røros. We also have a zero tolerance policy of guests displaying anti-social behaviour due to excessive alcohol intake or any other causes.


  • 08.00-10.30 am
  • There is a coffee vending machine located to the right of the dining area which can be accessed at all times


Check-out is set at 1100 am on day of departure.


Our aim as a company is to limit the impact on the environment, and one of the measures we have introduced is that cleaning of rooms will be executed when staying for more than four days. We also ask you to consider using the towels provided more than once, but if you should need extra towels pleace contact the reception. Please do not hesitate to contact reception if there should be a need for extra cleaning.

Coffee/tea mugs and cutlery

Please do not remove jars or cutlery from the dining area. If enjoying tea/coffee in room, TV lounge etc please return used mugs to the cleaning station by the dining area as soon as possible.

Emergency exits

Please make yourself familiar with exits and fire escapes when staying with us. All emergency exits are marked with green signs that are lit. A complete list of the building with exits and where your room is can be found in your room, just by the key card holder.

Fire safety

If the fire alarm sounds please exit the building as quickly as possible and og towards the assembly spot located at the parking lot at the lower level of the centre. It is of utmost importance not to og back to collect personal belongings or using the lifts. There are fire doors which will be activated automatically when the fire alarm sounds. These can be manually shifted so to escape the building as quickly as possible.  

Fitness suites and activity hall

Please enjoy our fitness suites (two located on level 3, located opposite of reception and down the corridor from reception) as well as our bouldering wall and activity hall. Please note that there is a lower age limit for using the fitness suite with weights (must be older than 16 years of age), and that all activity is done at own risk. The reception will have updated information on availability of these facilities.

In-room heating

Feel free to adjust the temperature in your room according to your own preferances. We ask you kindly to use the knob on the radiator, but please not that there is a bit of time delay for the radiator heats up/cools down. If wishing no heating on at all, then turn knob to the asterix sign. Please endure that the curtains are not covering the thermostat.

Internet and WIFI-access

Please select the network «unicare-gjest». The password for the wifi is «gjestgjest». We also have two stationary computers located at level 3, just to right of the reception.

Key card

This is provided for you upon checking in, and returned to the reception when checking out. The key card is for both unlocking the door to your room, but also needs to be used when leaving as there is no automatic locking system. Please place key card firmly in holder just by front door upon entry, as this will activate main lights.

Opening windows and airing of room

It is possible to alter the air conditioning of the room by pressing the switch with an hour glass symbol where the key card is placed. The air conditioning will increase the flow of air for shorter periods of time (10-12 mins). Please change the setting on the radiator by moving the knob to the asterix symbol. It can be quite windy here in the mountains, so please attach the storm hook to prevent the window from being damaged. We ask you kindly to always close the window when you leave the room.


We regret to inform that pets are not allowed to at Unicare Røros. This is due to us having patients staying where respiratory illnesses can be aggravated if exposed to allergens from pets. This also applies to guide dogs, and we do apologise for any inconvenience this may impose.

Pool, sauna and jacuzzi

We welcome you to use our facilities whilst staying with us, but please note that if using the swimming pool alone, a disclosure needs to be signed at reception. This is to ensure that you as a guest are responsible for your own health and safety when alone in the pool. The pool and adjoining facilities are used by patients, groups and can be booked for private events. Please check with reception to ensure that the pool is available before using the facilities.


We try to lessen the impact our establishment has on the environment, so we ask you please to use the separate recycling containers for paper waste and glass/metal. These can be found in the common utility rooms to the left of the TV-lounges.


Smoking is only permitted at the designated smoker’s area, located at the pool entrance on level 3. Smoking is otherwise not permitted inside, in the rooms or at any other localisation outside of the centre. We do enforce an extra charge if found that smoking has been done in the hotel room.

Use of perfume and scented products

As a rehabilitation centre for patients with respiratory illnesses, we try to limit the use of perfume, scented hair spray/deodorants, air fresheners and strong scents that can irritate sensitive lungs. Our utility rooms are equipped with unscented laundry powder and fabric softeners.